Cozart Medical Facility



location & year

Myrtle Beach, SC, year not available

project size

4,050 SF

project cost

$2 Million

project category


in association with

In-Form Studio

The Cozart Medical Facility is schematic design for a local doctor looking at constructing a sustainable facility that emphasizes on not only the environment, but also the overall comfort of the client. A cost analysis was developed as a part of the initial study presenting the approach. The sustainable systems considered provided an affordable and maintenance savvy project, while providing a great space to work. Numerous interior sustainable principles were employed to reduce energy such as allowing the single floor plate to receive diffused natural daylight, eliminating the need for artificial light during normal business hours. Some exterior applications included a pervious paver system, a rain garden, and bio-swales that will help reduce the amount polluted run-off to enter into the surrounding drainage systems.