Blue Green Resort - Carolina Grande


Blue Green Resort

location & year

Myrtle Beach, SC, 2005

project size

6.18 acres (316 units)

project cost

$55 million

project category


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Unlike many of the projects that line the coast of Myrtle Beach, these towers took into consideration there placement along the beach, especially the second phase tower, which is set on the second row of Ocean Blvd. This orientation required it to respond to the pedestrian and vehicular traffic around it while finding creative ways to maintain ocean views for the units above. Although Ocean Blvd typically runs straight North to South, the road curves just South of the site to reveal the tower as an anchor to the boulevard traveling North. Due to this visibility, the material, texture, and light are used to detail the facades and give a unique urban face to the building.

At street level, store-front glazing provides a human-scale and inviting entrance to the sidewalk. The 6th level plaza provides an exterior social space and pool area in addition to a landscaped and well-lit deck upon which the above unit balconies can view. The plaza deck also offers panoramic views of Ocean Blvd and the surrounding city. Additionally, the placement of the units takes advantage of line-of-site for Atlantic Ocean views in the spaces between the ocean front hotels. The completed Planned Unit Development (PUD) consists of two towers and an adjacent third row, six-story parking garage.